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If you’re wondering about who I am, my name is Elise Walsh.

I am a semi-retired thirtysomething who loves to travel, write mystery thrillers, and engage in wild and random business adventures. My core value and north star is freedom. That is why I explore how money can buy you freedom over things, above all else.

I believe money is a reflection of psychology and human behavior. This blog is a tool to explore how making strides in personal growth can lead to a healthy bank account.

I got tired of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, and wanted to tell the truth first hand about what works, and what doesn’t, in finance, business, and personal growth.

Topics I explore include:

  • Money Mindset
  • Habits
  • Compounding – in life and finance
  • Personal Finance
  • Stoicism
  • Self Growth, Self Mastery, and Self Care
  • Confidence
  • Abundance vs. Scarcity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Side Hustles


My fiance and I are finance nerds to the core. We fell in love over budgeting spreadsheets. He doesn’t care to write, so I do what I can to channel his crazy smarts into this here blog.

We both represent colorful paths to financial independence. He is the classic FIRE man, working 9-5 up the corporate ladder.

I’m more of a case of WATER, meaning I dove into the deep end of being self-employed and am teaching myself to swim along the way.

Thank you for joining me on this wild and winding journey!

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