27 Powerful Money Affirmations To Attract Financial Abundance

Are you wondering: How can I attract money? Do affirmations work? Can money affirmations make me rich?

Yes and no.

As humans, most of our thoughts are re-living memories. We play familiar patterns in our heads that trigger dreams, hopes, desires, and feelings like happiness, procrastination, or fear. These loops become so automatic, it can feel like we are under their control, instead of the other way around.

Imagine a thought loop as a groove in the earth created by water. Given enough time, flow and intensity, and you will soon have a river. At first, a few words may have no power over you. Repeat them over and over, with passion, and your mental river will be unleashed. It should only take months or even weeks for misery to turn into magic. 

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Do you have negative hangups around money that may be keeping you from achieving the life you desire? 

For example: do you secretly believe your aren’t worthy of a higher salary? Or, that cash corrupts, greed is evil, business is a scam, money is scarce, or receiving wealth means it’s being taken from someone else?

If so, clinging to these limiting beliefs is probably holding you back.

The truth is, money is just a tool that is what you make of it. Developing a better script around wealth can also improve your sense of self-worth and mindset around generosity, time, influence, and abundance. 

So, what are the most powerful affirmations? 

Below are 27 affirmations to help you create tracks deeper than any disempowering narratives no longer serving you. Practice the mantras below, and over time you will notice shifts in your feelings, and new, exciting occurrences in your life.

Money Affirmations for Wealth
Money Affirmations for Wealth

When you find yourself using the word “magical” to describe your life, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  1. The universe is bringing me all the wealth I desire.

  2. Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more wealthy.

  3. I am achieving my financial goals.

  4. I am fortunate.

  5. I am financially independent.

  6. I am taking action to increase my net worth.

  7. I have a diverse and growing investment portfolio.

  8. I am being paid well for the high value I contribute.

  9. My life is cash flow positive.

  10. It is easy for me to live within my means.

  11. The universal supply of wealth is infinite.

  12. I love saving money and watching my bank account grow.

  13. I love investing my money.

  14. I love watching my money grow.

  15. My income is continuously increasing.

  16. I always have enough money to suit my needs.

  17. I am generous with money as I know it will return in magnitude.

  18. Money flows freely and abundantly to me.

  19. I am rich.

  20. I deserve to be paid well for my time, efforts, and ideas.

  21. My life is plentiful.

  22. I am a money magnet.

  23. I attract wealth and abundance.

  24. I am easily able to provide for myself and loved ones.

  25. My business is growing, expanding, and thriving.

  26. I have lots of money in my bank account.

  27. Attracting wealth comes easily to me.

Remember that affirmations are a practice, just like meditation, exercise, or learning to ride a bike. You wouldn’t go to the gym once and consider yourself a bodybuilder, so keep at it regularly.

Believing in yourself and your dreams, perhaps, is the most important practice of all. 

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