Riddles for Scavenger Hunt including Clever Clues and Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect romantic surprise while on a budget? Then look no further than this guide of riddles for a scavenger hunt. I even include some good adult scavenger hunt riddles and clues.

The year is 2020. Everyone is locked down into a state of dreary boredom. As my soon-to-be husband’s birthday drew nearer, so did my sense of panic. I wanted to show my undying love with a surprise party or at the very least a magically intimate birthday dinner.

After a few years together, I was drawing a blank. I had pulled all of my go-to tricks out of my sleeve. The only thing left, was to take to Instagram and asked my pals what to do.

While everyone had winning ideas, but there was one that really took the (birthday) cake:

Coldstone ice cream cake for birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults
Keeping reading to find out how this mystery ends in ice cream cake.

An adult scavenger hunt!

Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?

Gone Girl is my favorite book of all time. And maybe movie, too.

As a true crime fanatic, I salivated over the mysterious brain teasers of doom Amy left for her clueless husband. However, his character hated the scavenger hunts and could never figure out the clues. For that reason, I went easy on my fiancee (this time).

Fortunately, he was more than up for the challenge.

This experience is perfect for anyone who loves the the thrill of the hunt. Even better if your recipient loves video games, escape rooms, and brain teasers.

Here is why a trail of scavenger hunt clues is the best idea ever to celebrate a birthday or special occasion:

'Lucky You' Adult Scavenger Hunt Card

  1. With riddles for a scavenger hunt, you can get creative and add a personal touch

The perfect thing about a scavenger hunt is you can roll a thousand ideas into one. Instead of a single surprise, you can personalize your scavenger hunt of clues into a series of unfolding delights, puzzles, and gifts.

I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off at first, but when I did it was more rewarding than any gift or romantic gesture I had ever attempted. Instead of just throwing money at gift on Amazon or a fancy dinner, I brainstormed, planned, and played. The best part is personalizing the whole experience with a romantic touch – from inside jokes to treasured memories.

This made the whole surprise all the more romantic and engaging.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

  1. DIY scavenger hunt riddles will save you money

Even without the lockdown, I wasn’t really thrilled at the idea of going on (yet another) romantic dinner out for a birthday.

While these evenings are a pleasure, it always involves us over-eating and drinking one too many. This results in a nauseating bill, and even more nauseating hangover. This DIY project will help you get closer to your goals of saving money or getting out of debt.

A fancy night out also means we’re going to be stuck at a table making conversation. Believe me, when you live with someone every moment of every day with someone locked down in a global pandemic, thinking of new conversation topics is harder than you might think.

Which brings me to my next point.

  1. Thinking of riddles for a scavenger hunt is a hands-on, interactive project

Secret Agent Mission Clue as a Scavenger Hunt Idea for Adults

We both had an absolute blast following the adult scavenger hunt clues. You could tell he loved the thrill of hunt and the brain challenge of the puzzles.

I’m pretty sure I had more fun dreaming up the adult scavenger hunt clues, than my husband did following them.

  1. A scavenger hunt is the gift of an experience

Blue box wrapped in white ribbon as a Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

A scavenger riddle hunt is more than a gift. It is a journey of a shared experience. The birthday scavenger hunt transformed our shelter-in-place confines into a foreign adventure full of secrets, clues, and hidden treasures.

This made for a much more romantic bonding experience. It was also a fun test to see how well he knew me (i.e. my favorite book) and vice versa.

Enough about how awesome an adult scavenger hunt can be. I bet you’re here to find some clues so you can DIY this adventure for yourself!

Below I’ve included the exact riddles for a scavenger hunt I used, which you can customize to your situation.

You can also tweak these a bit to make a ‘G-Rated’ version as a scavenger hunt for kids.

I hand wrote the notes to make it more personal and romantic. Looking back, the most puzzling part for my fiance was attempting to decipher my bird scratch handwriting.

If you are pressed for time or in a rush, just download the adult scavenger hunt riddles and clues below for yourself.

To see the final result, you can watch the video of my scavenger hunt here.



Good Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults: Clue 1 - Scratch off sticker and coin

Opening Letter

Today is your [insert special occasion] and since you’re so sweet

Here is a treasure hunt with a trail of special treats 😉

Cancel plans and set time apart I’ll even give you a little head start

Your romantic adventure has just begun,

It’s time now to have some fun,

Turn me over to find clue number one.

Riddles for Scavenger Hunt


To find the first clue, you’ll have to go next door.

It goes up and down but never moves,

You must walk on it if you want to change your floor.

Hiding Place: Stairs

Clue 2 on Stairs: Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults


This lives in a pool, but cannot swim

Knock it into a pocket, and you just might win.

Hiding Place: Magic 8 Ball or Pool Table

Gift Idea: Magic 8 Ball, Mini Pool Table, or Game

Scavenger Hunt for Adults: Pool Table Clue Idea with Lipstick mark on it


Possibly your favorite place to be,

Cuddling up, just you and me.

To find the next clue’s place,

Look to where you rest your pretty face!

Hiding Place: Pillow

Gift Idea: Silk pillow case, sleeping mask, PJ’s, or bamboo sheets

Clue resting on pillow for adult scavenger hunt


This one is easy – take a look. You will find the next clue,

in my favorite book.

Hiding Place and Gift Idea: Book

Personalization Options: You can change to ‘your favorite book’ depending on how well you know your partner, or vice versa.

Gone Girl book with Clue for Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults


Ready for your next direction?

Then it’s time for a little reflection

Go to the place,

That shows your handsome face.

Hiding Place: Mirror

Gift Idea: Face Care or Shaving Products

Mirror Clue for Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults
Use lipstick or a chalk marker to write your clue on the mirror.


When we are feeling just a little dirty

It’s here we get naked and kinda flirty.

To find the next clue for you to meet

Go to where we lather, rinse, repeat.

Hiding Place: Shower

Gift Idea: Bath Products – soap, shampoo, loofa

Clue 7 sitting next to body wash in the shower


Just like us,

these come in a pair

I love to get into get into them

But they are made for you to wear.

Hiding Place: Pants or Underwear Drawer

Gift Idea: Pants, Underwear, or Thermals


What has a minty sweet taste

But can get kind of bristly?

Even though it’s a paste

It’s only slightly sticky.

Hiding Place: Toothpaste

Gift Idea: Floss, Mouthwash, ElectricToothbrush, or Fancy Toothpaste


Diddly doo! Diddly dee!

Your next clue is located in the place you like to pee!’

(This one will make them laugh every time)

Hiding Place: Toilet

Gift Idea: PooPourri or scented candle


My favorite act is to put on a show.

Flick my switch to make me me glow,

all of the colors of the rainbow.

Hiding Place: TV

Gift Idea: Roku, Apple TV, or Gift Card for Streaming Service


I love getting hot for you.

And if you need something to eat

Turn me on to bring your food some heat

Hiding Place: Oven or Microwave

Gift Idea: Thermos


Enjoy this morning treat

When feeling sleepy or beat.

Time to find some magical beans

That are full of flavor and caffeine.

Hiding Place: Coffee Can, Station, or Maker

Gift Idea: Gourmet Coffee, French Press, or Coffee Joulies

'Hot Stuff' thermos in the stove as Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults


When I am gone

darkness will loom.

Turn me on,

to light up a room,

Hiding Place: Lamp

Gift Idea: Color changing light bulbs


The hunt is almost over, but before you relax,

check the corner where we keep delicious snacks.

Hiding Place: Cabinet or Cookie Jar

Gift Idea: Sweet Treat


What has legs, arms, and a back

But no armpits or hair

Ready for the next clue to be found? Then go to the place where this swivels round.

Hiding Place: Swivel chair or desk office chair

Gift Idea: Desk or Office Equipment.


I have two tongues

But zero faces

To keep me on your toes

do me up with laces

Hiding Place: Shoes or shoe rack

Gift Idea: Slippers or Shoes 

Pair of slippers with final clue inside
Detective Gumshoe


I smell delicious

And my beauty adorns

Be careful though

I may have some thorns

Hiding Place: Bouquet of roses

Gift Idea: Rose All May StirCrazi, Flower Bouquet, or Potpourri


For the next clue you don’t have to search very far.

The next one is where I park my car.

Hiding Place: Car steering wheel or windshield

Gift Idea: Tile Keychain, Car Organizer, Car Air Freshener, or Car Wash Coupon

This is also a great spot to place your final gift, no matter what it might be. In my case, this was shoes.


You are almost at the end of the show.

If you’re ready to finish,

this last clue you should know.

For every year you grow,

you’ll have another one of these to blow.

Are you ready for the final trick?

It is something frozen.

That you’ll love to lick.

If you’re ready for your final present to unfold,

Go to where we keep things cold.

Hiding Place: Freezer

Gift Idea: Ice cream or Ice cream cake.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults: birthday cake being cut into with knife

By the way, how convenient is it that Coldstone has a cake called ‘Tall, Dark, and Delicious’?

If you are curious about how this adult scavenger hunt played out, you can watch the whole thing here:

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