The Ultimate Work From Home Setup Ideas for Your Home Office

Is your back crackly and tense from coveting your precious phone, Gollam style?

Are you wondering how to treat your tech neck before you transform into a computer screen gargoyle?

In wake of the recent corona virus epidemic, I think we can all agree working from home is no longer the future, but the present.

This is great news, because WFH is often correlated with higher productivity, health, and a more inclusive work place for introverts, parents, and more. Who isn’t excited to steer clear of a polluted, time wasting commute, virus exposure, and petty office politics?

For that reason, it is critical to invest in proper home workplace and hygiene sooner rather than later.

In a moment of eery psychic foresight, at the beginning of the year I finally invested in manifesting my dream ergonomic desk. I’ve been dreaming, planning, and scheming this glamorous setup after developing anterior pelvic tilt, and carpal tunnel in my twenties.

Whether you are new to WFH, or a veteran, I hope these tools inspire you to take care of your health while staying productive during this quarantine.

✔️Electric adjustable height standing desk

Did you hear? Sitting is the new smoking. You’re even better off laying on your couch or squatting on the ground than sitting in that fancy swivel chair. If you must, at least do it on a yoga ball to work on your balance and six pack while slaving away.

Laptop riser

Nifty for putting my machine at eye level, while keeping my hands at a 90 degree angle for typing. This also doubles nicely as a lap desk if I want to indulge in some couch time, or capture a more flattering angle during meetings.

✔️‘Jerry Seinfeld’ calendar

Using this method has helped me complete half a novel in a month. It works.

✔️100 ounce jumbo water bottle to finish daily

Rehydration keeps my productive by preventing fatigue and mindless snacking.

✔️ Ergonomic, vertical, rechargeable wireless mouse

If you’re left-handed like me, check out this one instead.

✔️ Self back massager

Why not double your office space as a day spa?

✔️Natural lighting

It is important for your eyesight to take breaks and stare at the horizon or far off places regularly. Check out the gorgeous window view of concrete roofs I use to prevent eye strain and headaches.

AND my favorite…

✔️This epic treadmill

I love everything about this piece, from the remote control, to the way I can fold it up to make more floor space for my at home workouts. It is sporadically available, so feel free to check out the runner-up here, pun intended 😉

Why walk and work? Studies show that walking stimulates strategic and creative thought, and improves cognitive function and life expectancy. It’s true: my walking desk is engaging my brain in whole new ways.

I was especially inspired to do this project after I read a story about a man who lost 100 pounds in a year just by walking for an hour every day.

If this sounds like too much multi-tasking for you, start by chewing gum while working to help focus and concentration. It was the only way I could pass a test in high school, and also one of Liz Gilbert’s writing tips.

I adore admiring this display of productivity porn while sprawled in an awkward slump on my couch typing, snacking, and Netflixing 10 feet away.

Kidding (kind of). This setup actually gets me even more excited to start work in the morning. After just a few months, I am addicted to ‘walk working’ and more efficient, healthy, and happy than ever. Thanks to my new office, by the end of this year I will have a novel, 365 miles walked, and perfect posture, fingers crossed.

The only thing I’m missing is a monitor, ergonomic keyboard, and a half alive plant I feel guilty about over watering. Have any recommendations? Please leave them in the comments.

Credit and high five to Paula Pant of Afford Anything for the inspiration to finally DO this.

*Disclaimer:  I get $0 financial benefit if you click on the majority of links in this article, but I’m also fully disclosing that a few of the links below are affiliate links. Everything I’ve listed below is a product/service that I use myself, a hardcore rule that applies to 100% of anything I recommend. Please don’t buy anything unless you’ll genuinely benefit from it.


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